80 Useful Tricks to Solve Math Problems Easily

80 Useful Tricks to Solve Math Problems Easily

Does your child always struggle with problem sums?

Is your child always leaving them blank, not knowing how to start solving them?

Or does he have problems expressing the problem in the right mathematical statements?

Many parents thought that their child may have problems understanding the question.

However, the underlying problem is deeper than that.

If you think about it, the language used in Primary School Math are not that tough.

We don’t see bombastic words or fancy phrases.

Instead, we usually see straightforward statements like:

“John has 20 more apples than Mary,”

“He gave 1/2 of his apples to Mary,”

“They had equal number of fruits in the end” etc…

If your child read the question slowly and carefully, he will probably knows what the question mean.


The Trick Lies in Expressing These Simple Word Statements into the Right Mathematical Statement or Models.

Understanding the question is not the hard part. The challenge is how to convert English statements to Math workings.

If your child have problems expressing them in the right mathematical statements or models…

He will get lost on how to start solving the question.

He will not know which method to apply to solve the problem.

He may even started off wrongly and end up wasting precious time in the exams….

Well, I got good news for you. 

We have compiled a book of 80 useful tricks on how to express problem sums in the right mathematical statements or models easily.  

By spotting the right keywords, your child will know exactly how to express them properly, and link to the right concept.

This will enable your child to kick-start his thinking in the right direction.

Your child can keep this book as a useful companion when solving Math problems.

You will be surprised at how useful these tricks are in solving Math problems.

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80 Tricks to Solve Math Problems

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Preview of this Book



  1. X more than Y is Z.

            X + Y = Z

            Eg. 23 more than 5 is __28__.



  • X is Y more than Z.


            X = Y + Z

            Eg. __28__ is 5 more than 23.



  • X less than Y is Z.


            Y – X = Z

            Eg. 23 less than 28 is __5__.



  • X is Y less than Z


            X = Z – Y

            Eg. __23__ is 5 less than 28.




  • Multiplication and division before addition and subtraction


            Eg.       2 + 3 × 5 = 6 × 5

                                          = 30 (Wrong!)

                        2 + 3 × 5 = 2 + 15 (Always underline the part which you want to do first)

                                            = 17 (Correct!)



  • Work out sums in brackets before multiplication and division.


            Eg.       2 × (3 + 5) = 2 × 8

                                             = 16



  • Remember BODMAS rule


            B for Bracket

            O for Order (or Power Of)

            D for Division

            M for Multiplication

            A for Addition

            S for Subtraction



  • Identify Place: Think of Words


            Eg.       143.67

                        Place of ‘1’: hundreds

                        Place of ‘6’: tenths



  • Identify Value: Think of Number


            Eg.       143.67

                        Value of ‘4’: 40

                        Value of ‘7’: 0.07



  • To multiply by 10, 100, 1000, simply add zeros to the back.


            Eg.       52 × 10 = 520

                        170 × 100 = 17 000


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80 Tricks to Solve Math Problems

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