About Me

Hi, thanks for visiting my website. In case we have not met before, let me do a short introduction of myself.

I am Jimmy Ling, the founder and director of Jimmy Maths and Grade Solution Learning Centre. I have been teaching Math for Primary, Secondary and JC level for the past 10 years. 

After graduating from NUS with a degree in Math, I started a humble and small tuiton centre, Grade Solution Learning Centre, with a partner, located at Kovan area.

After 5 years, we expanded and opened a new branch at Bugis area. I am personally teaching at the Bugis branch now.

I realised that once a week coaching is not sufficient for most of my students. They tend to forget most of the concepts after a while and need constant revision and recap. They also need support for questions which they face at home.

And this is how JimmyMaths.com was created. We created online courses which explained all the concepts in recorded videos so that students can learn and revise at home. Students can also seek help for their homework.

Here, you can find useful resources and math concepts in our blog.

Learn Math Concepts and Practice The Right Questions

Math is a subject which I enjoyed teaching and learning. 

But like most students, I had difficulties at the start as I didn’t understand concepts and put in enough practice.

Fortunately, I met the right mentors who could explain concepts in a way which I can understand.

After years of teaching, I devised new ways to simplify Math concepts so that students can understand and apply easily.

Unlike most centres and tutors who focus on drilling papers and answering your child’s questions, I will be focusing on helping your child understand the concepts and practice the right questions.

With understanding and sufficient practice, your child will achieve mastery of concepts and know how to apply them correctly.

You can find out more about our students’ testimonials by clicking here.

If Your Child Needs Help for Math,

Check out our online courses by clicking here.

If you sign up for our online courses, you will be taught how to:

  • Tackle challenging problem sum questions
  • Master all the problem-sum solving concepts
  • How to avoid careless mistakes
  • Practice applying your knowledge on a variety of questions

You will also receive unlimited personal support!

If you prefer face to face coaching, check out our schedule for Math classes by clicking here. We look forward to meeting you to help your child. 

Thank you for reading this and we hope that you will find this website useful for you and your child.