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Math Tinker Activity Book
(For P1 to P3)

Fun Practice and Activties to Try at Home!
We believe that learning is best learnt through play. In this book, your child will learn Math concepts by tinkering with Math activties. Your child only needs to prepare pencils, colour pencils and his own hands to try the activities!

Holistic Learning Approach
Other than arithmetic skills, your child will learn analytical, spatial visualisation, problem-solving, creative thinking and logic reasoning skills through self-discovery and fun-filled activities.

Understand Math Concepts Without Rote -Learning and Memorisation!
In this book, your child will practice with understanding. Your child will learn the “why” and not just the “how”. Through our Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (C-P-A) approach, your child will gradually build up Math foundations and apply them in real life situations.

Your Complete Guide to Math Concepts
(For P4 to P6)

Learn How to Solve Problem Sums so that You can Teach Your Child!
This book contains different concepts with step by step examples to explain each concept. Reasons are also given for each working to help you to understand the flow of the workings.

Learn How to Explain to Your Child in a Way that He will Understand
If your child has problems understanding the way you teach, it is probably due to he was taught different ways in schools. In this eBook, you will learn the methods which schools use so that you can learn the same methods to teach your child too.

Help Your Child to Achieve a Break-Through in Math!
If you are able to learn the concepts in this eBook well, and teach them to your child, you will see improvements in your child’s results in a short time!

Math Revision Notes
For Secondary School Students
(For Sec 1 to Sec 4)

Learn All The Key Concepts of Every Topic
This book is broken down into different topics, according to the latest MOE syllabus. All the concepts for each topic are explained in this book.

Step by Step Examples to explain each concept
Each concept is explained by a few examples. By understanding the solutions of the examples, you will be able to apply the concept to solve similar questions in the exams.

Suitable for Sec 1 to Sec 4 (Express, Normal and I.P. students)
The topics tested for each stream are largely the same. You can choose to learn any topic which you need inside this book.

Your Child’s Ultimate Guide to Ace Secondary School Math Exams! 
This 100-page summary will contains everything which your child needs to know from Sec 1 to Sec 4 Math. All the formulas are included too!

Real-World Applications
of Math Concepts
(For Secondary School Students)

real world applications ebook
live lessons

Learn to Tackle Similar Questions in Exams
Secondary Math exam questions are testing your child on applying Math concepts to Real-World problems. This book will teach your child to interpret the data, apply the concepts and build a strong conclusion to answer the question!

Step by Step Workings to explain each Problem
Each real-world problem is testing some concepts. Your child will learn to identify the concepts involved and apply them correctly to solve the problem.

Suitable for Secondary School Students
We have listed the concepts tested for each problem and your child can choose to learn the concepts which he or she needs. 

Build a Strong Foundation for Secondary School Math
By learning to apply Math concepts to daily lives, your child will be able to understand the importance and appreciate the joy of learning Math!

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