Must-Know Maths Problem Sums and Model Methods

Must-Know Maths Problem Sums and Model Methods

In this article, we are going to explore another Must-Know Maths problem sums and model method. 

The Math Model Method can be a great way to solve PSLE Math questions. In particular, I found a very common fraction question which can make use of model drawing to solve it.

This type of fraction question involves phrases like “more than” or “less than” and drawing model will help you to understand the question in a clearer way.

Example: James had 120 more marbles than Dan. After James lost 1/5 of his marbles and Dan lost 3/4 of his marbles, James had 184 more marbles than Dan. How many marbles did Dan have at first?

I have done a video explanation to explain how to use model drawing to solve this type of must-know math problem sum.

In a nutshell, you draw models to represent James and Dan. Then you cut up the model to represent their ending marbles. 

Click “play” below to watch the video.



After you have watched and understood the video, you can try out the questions below using the Math model method. 


There were 112 fewer Singapore stamps than Malaysia stamps in a stamp album. Janet gave 1/4 of the Singapore stamps and 3/8 of the Malaysia stamps. The number of Malaysia stamps left was twice as many as the number of Singapore stamps left. How many stamps were there at first?


Mandy had 360 more sweets than Cindy. After Mandy gave away 3/10 of her sweets and Cindy gave away 1/2 of her sweets, Mandy had 638 more sweets than Cindy. How many sweets did Mandy have at first?


As mentioned, this type of must-know math problem sum is very common in PSLE Math. Understand the Math model method and know how to apply it. 

Other than this method, there are many other Math problem sums methods which you must know for PSLE.

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