PSLE Maths Tuition by Online Tutors in Singapore

Does Your Child Need Help with Primary School Maths?

We conduct Live Math Tuition Classes (P3 to P6) via Zoom at our affiliated Tuition Centre, Grade Solution Learning Centre. You will receive:

✓ Super Engaging Math Lessons

✓ Unlimited Homework Help

✓ Unlimited Marking with Detailed Feedback

✓ Adaptably, a Smart Learning Platform

PSLE Maths Tuition
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Does Your Child Face These Problems in Math?

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Weak in Problem Sums

Don’t Know the Concepts

Cannot Understand the Questions

Learn Better with the Jimmy Maths K-C-A Method!

Our 3-Step K-C-A Method makes Math concepts easy to understand and apply:

K – Spot and Understand the Keywords

C – Link to the Right Concept

A – Apply the Concept

Pick up new math skills with our innovative teaching methods!

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Boost your child's results with our full suite of services!

On top of live weekly online math tuition classes from a PSLE maths tutor, you will also receive:

Unlimited homework help (Simply take a picture of your question and WhatsApp our homework helper)

Unlimited Marking with Detailed Feedback

Adaptably, a smart learning platform which can pick questions for your child to practice

No. of Students from P3 to P6: More than 10,000 students

No. of AL3 to AL1 Grade: More than 80% scored AL1 to AL3 for PSLE Maths

No. of Grade Improvements: Most improved by at least 3 grades after less than 6 months

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To help your child in their mathematics journey, we’ve published a FREE e-book that teaches problem solving methods. Click HERE to download it today.

We also offer specially-crafted question papers for revision, providing step-by-step solutions to common exam questions. Discover it HERE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your child may need PSLE maths tuition if:

1. Your child is confused by the different heuristics and methods

The PSLE Maths syllabus and the Singapore Math curriculum are getting harder and harder. With so many different heuristics and methods taught, many children find it confusing when to apply the right one when solving a maths question. Students find themselves coming to dread mathematics.

Getting a good maths tutor will help your child in understanding the different heuristics and applying them, and our programme aims to strengthen these skills in your child.

2. Your child is trying their best but is not getting results

If your child is struggling on their own, getting additional help from experienced tutors, along with regular primary maths tuition classes, can be a great way to relieve your child’s stress. To help them view maths as an enjoyable learning experience, our tutors support them throughout their learning journey and impart valuable advice.

3. They are failing, lack confidence, and need guidance

Sometimes it helps to have a tutor who can step in as a role model, evaluate a child’s strengths and weaknesses in math, and help a child get their confidence back in the subject.

Ultimately, with math as a compulsory subject in secondary school, it is even more crucial for your child to enjoy the process of learning math from a young age.

You can check out our different classes and fee structure here:

Our prerecorded courses usually come with a limited-time 7 days free trial. Learn more here.

We teach from P3-P6 (PSLE) for our tuition lessons.

Our class size ranges from 10 to 50 students. We have large class sizes because our teaching methods are effective and our lessons are fun, which makes our classes popular.

Furthermore, our results from our bigger classes are better than the smaller classes—this is due to our teachers and teaching method rather than the class size. Our tutors will make sure your child understands what is taught in class. If your child needs more help, your child can stay back after class to ask the tutor one to one, or WhatsApp our homework helper anytime.

Many students struggle with higher-order questions in math. For instance, when the question becomes lengthy, students may get confused with the different mathematical concepts and which method to apply.

To help our students, we spend time going through challenging maths questions using our unique approach (the Keyword-Concept-Apply process), answer any questions if the student gets stuck, and check if their alternative methods are suitable to solve the question. Students will spend time thinking about the problem and developing the critical-thinking skills to handle maths.

With this approach and months of teaching, we coach our students towards maths mastery. We’ve helped many students score AL1 for PSLE Maths, even when some of them didn’t believe they could.

Yes, our past results from our online classes are better than classes at our maths tuition centre. In our online lessons, your child can replay videos after class to catch up on the lessons taught. You can also sit down beside your child to learn together. You do not need to spend time travelling as your child can learn everything from home. All you need is just a computer and a stable internet connection, and we’ll help your child achieve good PSLE results.