5 Challenging Questions: PSLE Math Free Online Course

5 Challenging Questions: PSLE Math Free Online Course


In this Free Course, you will learn to Solve 5 Challenging PSLE Math Questions!

Learn to Extract the Keywords, Link to the Right Concept and Apply the Concept Correctly!

Suitable for: Primary School Students and Parents




5 Challenging Questions: PSLE Math Free Online Course

In this FREE PSLE Math online course,  your child will learn how to tackle 5 challenging math problem sums that frequently appear in past PSLE math papers or school exam papers.  Many children get stuck when they try to do these questions.


I will go through the solutions of these challenging PSLE Math questions with your child in this free course. 


To benefit from this course, you can ask your child to try the questions inside the course first. If your child can do the questions, great work! However, if your child can’t do the questions, do not be demoralised and encourage him instead as these are tough Math questions. Ask him to watch the lessons in this course as I will go through the solutions. After he has watched and understood the solutions, ask him to try the questions again without looking at the solutions.


At the end of this PSLE Math free course, your child will learn useful methods to handle similar challenging Math questions.  Students can also contact me in this course to clarify their doubts.


What will your child learn?

Your child will learn the following:

  • Understand the questions properly
  • Identify the correct method to use to solve each question.
  • How to apply the methods to solve the questions correctly
  • How to check their answers.


How do I sign my child up?

To enrol in this free course, you need to  click on the “Enrol Now”  button above and follow the respective instructions.  (No credit card details needed!)


Additional Details

This Course is suitable for: Primary School Students. (Parents are welcomed to learn together too.)

Duration: 30 mins


Teacher: Mr Jimmy Ling



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