PSLE Math Booster Online Course

PSLE Math Booster Online Course

$200.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

Only for P6 Students whose last Math scores are 60 marks and below.

If your child’s Math scores are above 60 marks, enrol for our PSLE Math Online Course to solve higher-order problem sums! Click here for more info >> https://jimmymaths.com/product/psle-math-online-course/

There will be Assignments for practice and Evaluation Tests to be submitted to us in which we will mark and evaluate your child. 

Receive Unlimited Support and Homework Help!

Enrolment under the promotional rate is closed. All enrolment now will be processed under the regular fee.



PSLE Math Booster Course


Is Your Child:


– Labeled as a “slow” learner by school teachers and other tutors?


– Struggling to pass Math?


– Very careless in Paper 1?


– Having great difficulties solving problem sums in Paper 2?


– Even got rejected by other centres as they find the situation “hopeless”….


What If There is a Way to Turn Your Child’s Results Around in a Short Time?


Your child comes back with his exam papers, showing a dramatic improvement.


Your child can finally understand Math concepts and know how to apply them.


Your child is self-motivated and you do not need to nag at him to study. 


Your child looks forward to the upcoming PSLE and feels confident to do well. 


Your child has the growth mindset and is determined to give his best in everything he does! 


As a parent… 


You Can Make It Happen. 


Just like the parent below and hundreds of parents who have trusted our program…


psle math booster course testimonial


What is Our Approach?


In this PSLE Math Booster Course, we will focus on helping your child catch the low-hanging fruits. 


Before focusing on solving higher-order prpblem sums, we will get your child’s foundations right first.


Then we will focus on MCQ and short answer questions which are quicker ways to see dramatic improvements.


We have reviewed many exam papers and found out that if they can catch these low-hanging fruits, they would have passed their Math easily.


But to catch these low-hanging fruits, there needs to be effort put in too.


Your child needs to:


– Have a good grasp of basic arithmetic skills (We have seen many students who have difficulty converting fractions to decimals….)


– Apply Estimation to Real Life Situations (Estimate height of classroom door etc)


– Master those short answer questions (These are questions which can be solved easily using 1 or 2 steps)


– Recognize the Common Patterns (Yes, there are common types of MCQ and short answer questions. Does your child know them?)


– And most importantly, ELIMINATE CARELESS MISTAKES!!!


What Your Child Will Get


  • Access to All Recorded Lessons and Assignments that are released based on a scheduled lesson plan
  • Unlimited Personal Support (You can ask any Math questions by Whatsapp and seek Homework Help!)
  • New Lessons will be uploaded regularly
  • Key Concepts of Each Topic
  • Intensive Revision of P4 and P5 Concepts (Most Students struggle in P6 due to weak foundations! Get this right first!)
  • Gradual increase in difficulty to higher-order problem sums
  • Ways to Check Answers and Eliminate Careless Mistakes
  • Lots of Common Questions in Paper 1 and Short Problem Sums
  • Full Solutions to all the questions
  • 1 lesson is broken down into a series of videos, notes and assignments
  • Tests and Mock Exams which we will mark and review your child


What Topics are Covered?

  • Whole Number
  • Place Value
  • Approximation and Rounding Off
  • Grouping
  • Gap and Difference
  • Constant Part, Total, Difference
  • Fraction
  • 4 Operations on Fraction
  • Part-Whole Concept
  • Equal Fraction Concept
  • Remainder
  • Units and Parts
  • Ratio
  • Repeated Identity Concept
  • Percentage 
  • Finding Percentage Change 
  • Solving Percentage Problem Sums
  • Simultaneous Equations
  • Angles
  • Volume
  • Rates 
  • Patterns 
  • Assumption Concept
  • Number X Value Concept
  • Working Backwards Concept
  • And many more….



Unlimited Support for You and Your Child!


Your child is required to practice the assignments given in the course to see results. Solutions are provided at the end of each assignment.

If your child has any Math questions from the assignments or school homework, you can whatsapp our online tutor for help.

Your child will also receive monthly test which we will mark and review. We understand that each child has different strengths and weaknesses and we will pinpoint to you exactly which area your child should focus on first.

We will guide you and your child in this crucial learning journey!


How to Enrol

Scroll up and Click on the Enrol Now button above and fill in your details.  After payment, go to “My Account” on the menu and click on “My Courses”. After that, you can watch the lessons right away.


Additional Details

This Course is suitable for: Primary 6 Students whose Math scores are 60 marks and below. (Parents are welcomed to learn together too.)


If your child’s Math scores are above 60 marks, enrol for our PSLE Math Online Course to solve higher-order problem sums! Click here for more info >> https://jimmymaths.com/product/psle-math-online-course/


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Teacher: Mr Jimmy Ling


7 Days Free Trial

This course comes with a 7 Days Free Trial. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can cancel the course within 7 days after enrolling and you will not get charged a single cent. Basically, this is a risk-free investment. 


Let us guide your child along this crucial learning journey!


Scroll back to the top and click the Enrol Now button before the offer is over!

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