PSLE Math Problem Sums Mastery Course


PSLE Math Problem Sums Mastery Course


This is the only right practice which your child needs to Ace PSLE Math.

Grab this eBook to master problem sums concepts of Whole Number, Fraction, Ratio and Percentage.  

More than 100 challenging problem sums with step-by-step solutions included!

We also have video explanations for selected challenging questions in the book.

Suitable for P5 and P6 Students (*excluding existing PSLE Math Online Course students).

To purchase this eBook and watch the videos, click the red “Enrol Now” button below. 


Grab this Assessment Book to Master PSLE Math Problem Sums


Are you frustrated by the endless types of problem sums?

Is your child still not achieving the desired results, despite putting in hours of practice?

If that is the case, I urge you to read this.

It is not about the number of questions that your child does…

It is about the right types of questions that your child does.

 A PSLE Math problem sum may involve Whole Number, Fraction, Ratio and Percentage…

But the concept and heuristic tested are the same. 

The faster way to see breakthrough improvements is to practice not by chapters

But to do targeted practice by concepts.

Hence. we have compiled the 20 must-know concepts and created more than 100 exam-based questions for your child.

Here is how your child can use this eBook:

1) Read the notes and examples given at the start of each concept.

2) Practise the questions to master each concept.

3) Use the solutions to check the answers.

4) Watch the videos if your child is still confused after looking at the solutions. 


Contents of this book:

1       Multiplication and Division of Fractions 

2       Remainder (Model Method) 

3       Remainder (Branching Method)

4       Equal Fractions 

5       More Than / Less Than 

6       Constant Part 

7       Constant Total 

8       Constant Difference 

9       Everything Changed 

10     GST and Discount 

11     Savings and Spending 

12     Percentage Change

13     Grouping

14     Number x Value

15     Excess and Shortage 

16     Gap and Difference 

17     Assumption

18     Working Backwards 

19     Simultaneous Equations 

20     Double If Concept 




1) Do you have a physical copy of the book?

Sorry, we do not have any more physical copies. We used to have physical copies in the past. But we have revised many contents in the book. Now, we do not have any more physical copies to save on logistics costs so that we can pass the cost savings to you.


2) How does my child watch the videos inside the book?

Once you enrol for the course, you can download the eBook. You will be able to access video links inside the course. 


3) What happens if my child does not know how to do the questions?

There are step-by-step solutions for each question. We have also included video explanations for selected challenging questions. If your child still has problems understanding the solutions, simply drop us an email at and we will assist you.


4) Are all the chapters covered inside this book?

No, this book covers all the must-know concepts of the huge topics – Whole Number, Fraction, Ratio and Percentage. Other smaller chapters like Measurement, Rate, Speed and Nets are not covered. 

If you wants your child to learn all the concepts, you can enrol for the PSLE Math Online Course here >>


5) I have already enrolled in the PSLE Math Online Course. Do I still need to get this book?

Even though the same concepts are covered, many of the questions are different. You can still get this book to give your child more practice.  


6) What is the difference between the 8 Must Know Methods Course and the PSLE Math Problem Sums Mastery Course? 

The 8 Must Know Methods Course is for students who are at the entry level as there are more lessons videos to learn the concepts, whereas the PSLE Math Problem Sums Mastery Course is for intermediate and above level students as there are lesser explanation videos with more focus on practice questions.  

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