Sec 1 Math Online Course

Sec 1 Math Online Course

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The Most Comprehensive Course to Help Your Child Master Sec 1 Math. 

What you will get: Videos to explain each chapter, according to the latest syllabus. Assignments of the latest common exam questions, with answers and solutions.

Includes Tests and Mock Exams to review your child and Unlimited Support!

This course is suitable for Express, Normal Academic and I.P. students.

Assignments and Tests Included.

Receive Unlimited Support and Homework Help!

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Sec 1 Math Online Course


Revealing the Secrets of Top Scoring Secondary School Students


Many students struggle in Sec 1 Math despite doing well for PSLE Math.


Many of the concepts and methods which your child need to learn are not the same anymore.


Instead of using models to show your workings, your child needs to show long algebraic workings.


Your child needs to solve more questions in a shorter period of time.


Your child needs to understand and master more topics than before.


If your child is not able to get used to this pace, he will fall behind.


To prepare your child for the increased difficulty in Sec 1, enrol in this course now!


In this Sec 1 Math Online Course, we will teach everything which your child needs to know to Master Sec 1 Math.


This course is broken down to chapters, according to the latest Sec 1 Math syllabus. 


Each chapter consists of different topics which we will explain the key concepts in recorded videos.


There will be an assignment given in the end to test your child’s understanding. The assignment consists of the latest common exam questions with a variety of difficulty levels. 


Answers and solutions are also given to enable you and your child to check his answers.


What Your Child Will Get

  • Access to All Recorded Lessons and Assignments that are released based on a scheduled lesson plan
  • New Lessons will be uploaded regularly
  • Key Concepts of Each Topic
  • How to handle common exam questions
  • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  • Lots of High Quality Questions to Ensure Sufficient Practice
  • Full Solutions to Selected Challenging Questions
  • 1 lesson is broken down into a series of videos, notes and assignments
  • Tests and Mock Exams with exams
  • Unlimited Personal Support from me (You can ask me any Math question – Homework Help!)


Contents of The Course

      • Factors and Multiples
      • Numbers (Rational, real numbers, negative numbers, order of operations etc)
      • Rounding off and Estimation
      • Algebra (Simplification, expansion, factorisation, solving equations)
      • Coordinates and Linear Functions
      • Angles and Polygons
      • Number Patterns
      • Ratio and Proportion
      • Percentage
      • Rate and Speed
      • Inequalities
      • Mensuration (Area and Perimeter, Volume and Surface Area)
      • Data Handling
      • Mid Year Mock Exam and End of Year Mock Exam


Preview 1 – Square Root and Cube Root


Preview 2 – Solving Algebra Word Problem


Preview 3 – Finding Gradient


Unlimited Support for You and Your Child!


Your child is required to practice the assignments given in the course to see results. Solutions are provided at the end of each assignment.

If your child has any Math questions from the assignments or school homework, you can whatsapp our online tutor for help.

Your child will also receive monthly test which we will mark and review. We understand that each child has different strengths and weaknesses and we will pinpoint to you exactly which area your child should focus on first.

We will guide you and your child in this crucial learning journey!


How did Our Secondary School Students Do?


naomi - s2 math

Brendan - From C to nearly full marks!

Mr Jimmy

“I improved from Fail to A2,” Aiden Chong, O-Level student


How to Enrol

Scroll up and Click on the Enrol Now button above and fill in your details.  After payment, go to “My Account” on the menu and click on “My Courses”. After that, you can watch the lessons right away.


Additional Details

This Course is suitable for: Sec 1 (Express, Normal and IP) Students. (Parents are welcomed to learn together too.)


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Teacher: Mr Jimmy Ling


7 Days Free Trial

This course comes with a 7 Days Free Trial. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can cancel the course within 7 days after enrolling and you will not get charged a single cent. Basically, this is a risk-free investment. 


Let us guide your child along this crucial learning journey!


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