Sec 1 Math Revision Notes


Sec 1 Math Revision Notes

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Learn All The Concepts for Sec 1 Math

Are you looking for a quick summary of all the concepts of Sec 1 Math?


This book is the Ultimate Guide for your child to Ace Sec 1 Math exams.


It consists of:

  • Topics broken down according to the latest MOE syllabus
  • Important concepts for each topic
  • Examples to explain the concepts
  • Step by step solutions of commonly tested questions
  • Clear diagrams and easy-to-understand workings
  • Common Mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Updated with the latest exam trend, including the Hottest Questions which your child must know for exams
  • Formula list for easy reference

By understanding the concepts and workings in this Sec 1 Math Revision Notes, your child will be able to solve similar questions in the exams.


This is the fastest and most effective way to revise for Sec 1 Math exams.


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