Singapore Math Model Drawing Online Course


Singapore Math Model Drawing Online Course

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A Quick and Effective Revision on All the Model Drawing Strategies to Solve Math Problem Sums.

Suitable for P3 to P6! (Parents are Welcomed to Learn Together Too)

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Model Drawing is an essential method to solve Math Problem sums in Singapore primary schools.


Models involves using rectangular blocks to represent unknown numbers. This is unlike Algebra which uses letters instead.


Having a good grasp of model drawing will help your child to build a strong foundation to learn more advanced methods in later years.


Singapore schools are the first to develop this method and have topped global ranking in Mathematics. Its effectiveness in solving Math questions is proven and as a result, other countries have followed us in using model drawing too.


  • Young children find concepts easier to learn by seeing pictures instead of letters
  • Summarise the whole question in a clear diagram
  • Able to tell the relationship between different items clearly
  • Understand the flow of the question easily
  • Able to deduce the solutions of the problem easily
  • Trains visualisation and problem-solving skills


What is this Course About?


This course is a quick summary of all the model drawing strategies which your child must know in Primary 3 and 4.


You will learn the following:

  • The Basics of Model Drawing
  • The 3 Must-Know Types of Models (Part Whole, Comparison and Before-and-After Model)
  • How to Summarise the question into one clear model
  • How to Deduce the Solution from the model drawn


Under each type of Model, it is broken down into different concepts.


1. Part Whole Model

  • Basic Concept
  • Remainder Concept
  • Repeated Identtity


2. Comparison Model

  • Comparing 2 items
  • Comparing 3 items
  • Repeated Identity


3. Before and After Model

  • Constant Part
  • Transfer
  • Everything Changed


At the end of each concept, there will be an assignment with questions on the same concept to ensure sufficient practice. Step by step solutions are provided too.


How do Learn From This Course?

  1. Watch the videos and understand the methods
  2. Practice the assignments given
  3. Check your answers with the solutions provided
  4. Ask questions if you need help
  5. Re-watch the videos to Revise again


Preview – Comparison Model – 2 Items

Click the videos below for a short preview of the course. All the lessons will be available, after you have purchased the course.



Preview – Before and After Model – Constant Part



Teacher: Mr Jimmy Ling


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