PSLE Math Applications Questions



The main aim of this math revision note is to help your child become better at solving PSLE Math application questions.

These questions test your child on the ability to apply Math concepts to real life scenarios.


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PSLE Math Applications Question 1

A group of 9 people booked a tennis court for 3 hours. They took turns to play. At any time, 4 of the people played while the other 5 rested. Given that each of them had the same amount of playing time, how long did each person play in the tennis court? Give your answer in hours and minutes.

There are 4 slots in the tennis court. The court was booked for 3 hours.

So, 3 hours of play time are allocated for each slot.

3h x 4 slots = 12h

The 4 slots of 3 hours mean there is a total of 12 hours of play time on the court.

This total play time (12 h) is shared among the 9 people equally.

Each person can play for 1 h 20 min.


PSLE Math Applications Question 2

Mark needs some ribbons to tie 100 presents for a party.

Each present requires 75 cm of ribbon. If ribbons are sold at 5 m per tape, how many tapes will he need?

math application question

Before I walk through the correct method, let me show you a common misconception most students usually make.

Common misconception:

1 balloon requires → 75 cm

100 balloons require → 75 cm x 100 = 7500 cm = 75 m


Number of tapes 5 m of ribbons need → 1 tape

Number of tapes 75 m of ribbons need → 75 m  5 m = 15 tapes


Most students think that since 1 present requires 75 cm of ribbon, so all 100 balloons will require 75 m of ribbons.

While this is not wrong, the problem comes when we use this 75 m to find the number of tapes.

The problem arises because the tapes have a limited amount of length.

The tapes do not roll out “endless streams” of ribbons.

So, each tape can only provide 6 ribbons, each measuring 75 cm.

There is a remaining 50 cm from the tape that cannot be used as it is not long enough to become that 75-cm ribbon.

This 50 cm will be discarded.

This is the reason why we cannot simplistically find out how many tapes the total ribbon length (75 m) 100 presents require.

When students divide the total length 75 m by the 5 m in each tape, students are not considering the remainder that cannot be “piece together” to form a full 75-cm ribbon in real life.


Correct way:

5 m = 500 cm

Number of ribbons every tape can provide = 500 cm  75 cm

= 6 ribbons R 50 cm

Number of tapes = 100 ribbons  6 ribbons per tape

= 16 tapes R 4 ribbons

Number of tapes 100 presents need

= 16 tapes + 1 more tape (for the 4 remaining ribbons)

= 17 tapes

Before you go, you might want to download this entire revision notes in PDF format to print it out for your child, or to read it later.

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