Distance, Speed, Time Relationship

Distance, Speed, and Time Relationship


This math revision note aims to help your child understand the relationship between distance, speed, and time, so that your child can become proficient in solving questions that require this understanding.


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A college is holding a 10 km running event. Roger’s running speed is 10 km/h while Helen’s running speed is 5 km/h.

PSLE Math Revision Notes

Speed Ratio

10 km/h:5 km/h

The ratio of Roger’s speed to Helen’s speed is 2:1

For the same distance of 10 km, Roger takes 1 hour while Helen takes 2 hours.

Roger’s speed is 10 km per hour, hence he takes 1 hour to cover 10 km.

(10 km ÷ 10 km/h = 1 h)

Helen’s speed is 5 km per hour, hence she takes 2 hours to cover 10 km.

(10 km ÷ 5 km/h = 2 h)

Time Ratio


The ratio of Roger’s time taken to Helen’s time taken for the same distance is 1:2.

Notice that Speed and Time are inversely proportional to each other.

In other words,

The speed ratio is the flip side of Time ratio and vice versa.

The faster/ the more the speed, the less the time taken.

The slower/ the less the speed, the more the time taken.



Abhi took 5 hours to drive from City S to City G. Anwar took 6 hours to drive from City G to City S. Abhi’s driving speed is 10 km/h faster than Anwar’s driving speed. How far was City S from City G?

From the question, we can form the Time Ratio.

Time Ratio


With the Time Ratio, we can obtain the Speed Ratio since we know the Speed Ratio is the flip side of the Time Ratio.

Speed Ratio

6 u:5 u:1 u

So, the difference that is 1 unit from the Speed Ratio represents 10 km/h.

With that, we can find one person’s speed first.

1 u = 10 km/h

5 u = 10 km/h x 5 = 50 km/h (Anwar’s speed)

Now we can find the distance between the cities easily by using Anwar’s speed multiplied by his time taken.

50 km/h x 6 h = 300 km


Alternatively, we can find Abhi’s speed and find the distance using his time taken.

6 u = 10 km/h x 6 = 60 km/h (Abhi’s speed)

60 km/h x 5 h = 300 km

The distance between the two cities is 300 km.

Before you go, you might want to download this entire revision notes in PDF format to print it out for your child, or to read it later.

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