50 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Math

How many times have you seen the same types of common mistakes occurring in your child’s Math papers? How many marks can your child save if he can avoid those common mistakes? Instead of letting your child make all those mistakes and losing precious marks in the exams, why not expose your child to these [...]

Common Types of PSLE Math Questions

This page contains all the common types of PSLE Math questions and how to solve them. Make sure you Bookmark this page as I will be updating this page with more types of PSLE Math questions. Before you forget, download our PSLE Math Mind-Maps for free (for a limited time only). Click the download button below [...]
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Solutions for 4 Must-Know Concepts of Ratio

Here are the solutions for 4 Must-Know Concepts of Ratio. You must know them at your finger-tips as they are commonly tested in exams. Make sure you know when to apply each concept by spotting the right keywords. 1) Constant Part     2) Constant Total     3) Constant Difference     4) Everything [...]
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3 Common Mistakes for Algebra

Algebra is a new topic which students learn in Primary 6. Here are 3 common mistakes for algebra. Make sure you avoid them.   1.  Adding unlike terms together This is the most common mistake in algebra. Letters and numbers are 'unlike' terms. When students see "5a + 10", they simply add 5 to 10 [...]
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