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Solutions for 5 Common Average Math Questions

If you’re looking for more resources to give your child a better chance at succeeding in their primary school exams, don’t hesitate to check out our PSLE math tuition classes. We provide personalised guidance and support so your child can feel confident and secure during their exam preparation. With the right resources and strategy, anything […]

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Understanding Nets of Solids (PSLE Math)

A net of a solid is a 2-dimensional (2D) shape that can be folded to form a 3-dimensional (3D) shape or a solid. In other words, when you fold a 2D shape which is flat like a piece of paper, you will get a 3D solid like a piece of cube. On the other hand, [...]
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Different Types of Rates Questions in PSLE Math Papers

Students usually stumble when they meet this type of rates questions in PSLE Math papers. You need to understand the different types of Rates questions for PSLE Math. Each type will test a different concept.  Firstly, Rates is similar to Speed which means how fast something changes. Speed is how fast something moves. Working Rate [...]
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