P5 Math Online Course

P5 Math Online Course

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The Only Course Which Your Child Needs to Master P5 Math. Parents are welcomed to learn together with your child. 

What you will get: Access to the recorded lessons anytime to learn all the key concepts, with lots of practice questions to test each concept. New lessons will also be updated regularly according to the latest exam syllabus.

Assignments and Tests Included.

Receive Unlimited Support and Homework Help!

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P5 Math Online Course


It is a common fact that the difficulty level jump greatly from P4 to P5 Math. 


It is also very common to see students’ marks drop drastically in P5 Math. 


As parents, you are aware that the contents taught in the schools’ textbooks and workbooks are not sufficient for your child to handle the concepts (or heuristics) for P5 Math problem sums. 


On top of understanding the basic concepts of each chapter, your child is faced with the immense task of:


  1. Understanding the Language of Math (Especially for problem sums) 
  2. Identifying the right concept which the question is testing
  3. Applying the concept correctly to solve the question


It’s not going to be easy anymore. It’s time to get your child prepared!


In this P5 Math Online Course, the lessons are going to be focused on problem sums. These are the areas which your child is going to face problem with. 


Each chapter is broken down into different problem sum concepts. And each concept will be explained using videos and examples. Sometimes, I will explain using more than 1 method to solve the same question. Understanding the concept and learning the methods will give your child more tools to solve similar questions in the exams. 


At the end of each lesson, your child will get worksheets and assignments. The worksheets and assignments are designed to test your child’s understanding after watching the lessons. Answers and solutions are given at the end of each worksheet to allow you to check whether your child has solved them correctly. The questions given are going to be challenging to stretch your child’s thinking. It is a good test for higher ability students too!


In this course, your child can learn anywhere, anytime. Use it as a tool to supplement your child’s current school lessons and tuition classes. By watching the videos in this course repeatedly, your child will be able to master all the concepts for P5 Math problem sums!


What Your Child Will Get

  • Access to All Recorded Lessons and Assignments that are released based on a scheduled lesson plan
  • Unlimited Personal Support (You can ask any Math question by Whatsapp and seek Homework Help!)
  • New Lessons will be uploaded regularly
  • Key Concepts of Each Topic
  • How to handle difficult problem sums
  • Revision Tips
  • Lots of High Quality Questions to Ensure Sufficient Practice
  • Full Solutions to Selected Challenging Questions
  • 1 lesson is broken down into a series of videos, notes and assignments
  • Tests and Mock Exams with exams


What Topics are Covered?

  • More Than/Less Than Concept
  • Constant Part Concept
  • Constant Total Concept
  • Constant Difference Concept
  • Units and Parts
  • Number x Value
  • Working Backwards
  • Model Drawing (Basic to Advance)
  • Remainder Concept (Model and Branching)
  • Area of Triangle
  • Composite Figures
  • Area and Perimeter
  • Repeated Identity
  • Percentage GST and Discount
  • Percentage Profit and Loss
  • Percentage Change
  • Volume
  • Rate
  • Angles
  • Properties of 4 Sided Figures
  • And many more….


Preview – Whole Number – Equal Stage in the End



Unlimited Support for You and Your Child!


Your child is required to practice the assignments given in the course to see results. Solutions are provided at the end of each assignment.

If your child has any Math questions from the assignments or school homework, you can whatsapp our online tutor for help.

Your child will also receive monthly test which we will mark and review. We understand that each child has different strengths and weaknesses and we will pinpoint to you exactly which area your child should focus on first.

We will guide you and your child in this crucial learning journey!


What are other parents saying?


“I took this course myself to learn how to teach my child. Gosh! Didn’t know PSLE Math is so difficult nowadays! It is so different from our times. Luckily, we signed up for your course. It really benefited us a lot. We really enjoyed and learning from your videos and doing those worksheets. And thanks a lot for helping with those challenging and sometimes silly questions!” Irene Tan


“Found this course very useful. My son is able to understand easily and apply,” June.


“My daughter scored full marks for her school ratio test. She told me she applied the methods which you taught. Thank you Mr Jimmy!” Emily Soh.


“My P5 boy found this course to be very useful. He could solve challenging questions using the methods taught here. He is now learning the P6 topics in this course. Thank you for being prompt in answering all his questions,” Mr Kwan. 


“Your video explanations are excellent. My daughter is improving now,” Amala. 


How to Enrol

Scroll up and Click on the Enrol Now button above and fill in your details.  After payment, go to “My Account” on the menu and click on “My Courses”. After that, you can watch the lessons right away.


Additional Details

This Course is suitable for: Primary 5 Students. (Parents are welcomed to learn together too.)


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Teacher: Mr Jimmy Ling


7 Days Free Trial

This course comes with a 7 Days Free Trial. If you are not satisfied with the course, you can cancel the course within 7 days after enrolling and you will not get charged a single cent. Basically, this is a risk-free investment. 


Let me guide your child along this crucial learning journey!


Scroll back to the top and click the Enrol Now button before the offer is over!

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